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Highest Performance Standard

Light, Contrast & Color: The more that gets to the screen the better. OptiClear Water White 2 sided Anti-Reflective Coated glass has over 99% photopic transmission – the highest available in the industry. With the lowest amount of light reflection comes the highest amount of light transmission. By utilizing the most advanced coating technology available, OptiClear has the highest rated Anti Reflective coating properties rated at under ½%.



The key importance when dealing with digital projection viewport windows is the rated performance of the optics. Many times when buyers research and purchase a digital cinema projection viewport window, they put the frame before the optical performance of the glass. Focusing on the optical performance of the glass will ensure the least amount of light lost and get the brightest, sharpest image to the screen. Enter OptiClear Water White 2 sided Anti-Reflective projection viewport glass (OptiClear-WW-2AR), the number one choice for theater projection view ports where maximum transmission and on-screen contrast, ideal color rendering and polarized light performance is critical. With under ½% Reflection rate and over 99% transmission of light, OptiClear is the highest rated anti-reflective coated glass made.

OptiClear Transmission.png
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