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We are a 3 generation family owned & operated business.

For over 30 years American Computer Optics, Inc., parent company of Port Window Glass,  has been involved in the scientific optics industry. In the early 80’s we started manufacturing ergonomic visual solutions for CRT displays. Many offices and call centers across the United States had each computer fitted with an OptiClear anti-glare monitor to
protect the users’ eyes. The CRT display slowly became obsolete with the introduction of LCD technology. We adapted to this new technology by introducing our OptiClear glass to many display manufacturers looking for a higher quality solution to complement the visual performance of their screens. Our expertise in optics made for a seamless transition into the digital cinema industry.

Fast forward to today, our brand of Anti-Reflective coated glass, OptiClear, has been used in over 80% of the world’s digital cinema applications. We work closely with the major projector manufacturers, studio heads, color and sound engineers, theatre owners etc. to continuously provide innovative solutions that allow end users to see entertainment the way it was initially intended.

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