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Laser Projector Portwindow


Highest Performance Standard

Laser Illuminated Projection Technology is here.

With increased lumen output and unparalleled visual quality, the importance of efficient light transmission is imperative to keep the high standards envisioned by the projector manufactures.

We have been on the forefront of the Premium Large Format (PLF) and Laser Projection Rollout. We have had the privilege to work on most of the cinema projects utilizing Premium Large Format and Laser Illuminated Projection Technology solutions. Our new Laser Projection Port Window was recently introduced at the ICTA show in Los Angeles, and has already been installed in different locations around the world.

Laser Projection and Premium Large Format set ups require greater attention to engineering details than previous set ups. The extreme light output and larger set ups necessitate carefully planned view port windows. Our expertise and experience in the field of optics engineering for over 30 years allows us to help you ensure your setup will be ready for that opening day!

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