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How can glazed windows help a recording studio become soundproofing?

Recording Studio Glass Window

Studio Soundproofing Window Glass

Soundproofing is important in recording studios. If proper soundproofing is not ensured, chances are high that external noises will interrupt the recording.

In recording studios, soundproofing is achieved through the installation of effective recording studio windows and doors. The windows and doors used in a recording studio are classified into two – those meant for home sound recording and those meant for commercial sound recording. Under normal circumstances, setting up a home recording studio is costly. Some use secondary glazing retrofit systems in order to cut down the cost. This is effective to some extent. However, better result can be obtained only by way of using specially designed ‘glazed windows and doors’.

Setting Up Glazed Windows And Doors

A complete replacement of existing windows and doors can be quite costly. But, it is possible to install specially crafted double glazed windows and doors to the existing ones for better sound proofing. Following are some FAQs regarding the installation of glazed windows and doors.

Are Glazed Windows Operable?

Glazed windows are usually added to existing windows. So they are completely operable. You can remove them whenever it is needed, say, for getting some fresh air in the room or for cleaning.

How Do Glazed Windows Reduce The Noise?

It is good to know the technical side of installing glazed window on an existing one. It helps you to be fully convinced of the benefits of doing so. Glazed windows make airspace of between 70mm and 100mm. This is pretty good for noise cancellation.

Installing Glazed Windows

Studio Window Glass

What Are Other Specialties Of Glazed Windows?

Laminated glass that has the thickness of 6.38mm is used for the manufacturing of the noise cancelling glazed windows. The sliding sashes of these windows are molded with double acoustic seals and heavy aluminum


What Is The Degree Of Noise Reduction Achieved?

By way of integrating glazed windows with existing recording studio window, it is possible to achieve a minimum of 10 decibels noise reduction. This is equal to halving existing level of noise in the recording room. If you want to reduce the noise even better, it is possible by way of using thicker glass or by widening the airspace between the two sheets of glass.

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