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Working from Home? Need to have a quieter work environment? and discuss top tips on how to create that perfect quiet working space.

Read Redfin's interview with tips from the industry's top companies to get that optimal soundproof experience. Read Redfin's whole article here >>

Here are some of our expert tips from to help you create that perfect soundproof home.

Windows are a very important factor to creating a soundproof environment. When planning out your windows, there are four factors to incorporate when trying to soundproof:

  • Size

  • Thickness

  • Materials

  • Soundproof Rating Requirement (also referred to as STC).


Basically, the larger the window, the more sound can leak through. You must plan an accurate size for optimal soundproofing.


The thickness will change depending on what type of applications you need. Different glass thickness will block out different sound-wave lengths.


When soundproofing, it is essential to know your options for glazing and lamination. There are also tapes and acoustic foams to line your windows to enhance your sound control.


The air space between panes also affects the STC; larger air space between panes will have a higher STC. By laminating the glass and using an insulated glass unit (two or more panes) & incorporate varying thicknesses of glass, will help the overall soundproofing experience.

Our Port Window Glass design engineers are experienced in helping our clients decide what Size, Thickness, Materials, and STC applications will be best for your project. You can contact them easily at or email them at:, and we will help you decide on the best products for your project.

Or if you would like to do it yourself you can read more about it here!


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