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Custom port window glass helps improve movie experience.

Yakov Jacobson / May 25, 2018 / Industry News

Port Window Projector

Cinema Projection Port

The visual and audio effect of a movie determines the movie experience. The moviemakers strive to make each scene perfect so that the audience will have the finest experience. However, it is a fact that only a few are able to watch the movie in its originality as moviemakers intended to. But why some audiences don’t get the opportunity to watch the movie in its original effect? The answer lies in the movie projection system used by the theater operators.

The original effect of the movie can be lost if the theater does not have an advanced projection system with superior quality cinema frame, port window glass, and port window frame. Theater operators need to modify their movie projection system in order to improve the movie experience.

The Solution

Theater owners need to evaluate the scope of improving their existing systems. A professional port window glass manufacturer would be able to help them figure out the faulty sides of existing systems and suggest adequate changes for improvements.

Modern Port Window Glass

By installing the right type of port window glass and frame, the theater operators can bring out significant changes in movie experience. However, the installation of the port window glasses should be done only after close investigation. It is good to consult a port window glass manufacturer and discuss your requirements with them.

Normally, two things are considered before choosing port window glass for a theater. They are the acoustic isolation between the projection booth and the auditorium and the seating capacity. Acoustic isolation plays an important role in determining the audio experience. The size of the auditorium and the distance between cinema screen and port window are also important areas that need careful study before port window installations.

Projection Window

There are many types of projection window glass. Consulting a projection port window glass manufacturer would help you get a rough idea about common types of glass and their compatibility. Projection port window glass comes in different designs and sizes. If your theater has multiple projectors, you need to ask your projection port window glass manufacturer that whether installing common types of glass would suit. If you can’t find a compatible glass, you can go for customization options.

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