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Does digital cinema projection improve 3D?

Ellie Jacobson / August 2, 2018 / Industry News

Digital Cinema Projection

Digital Cinema Projection

Digital movie projection is a remarkable achievement of the modern science. With the advent of digital projection, the quality of visuals and audio clarity of movies improved a lot. It has also paved way for the rebirth of 3D movies.

Prior to the introduction of digital movie projection, 3D movies used 35mm film. It was not easy to project those movies with the desired effect. Moreover, the audience had to wear bizarre looking 3D glasses to watch the 3D movies.

Today’s 3D movies are clearer. They deliver better 3D experience to the audience because they are supported by advanced cinema projection port and digital projection systems.

Movie Projection Technologies Replaced By Digital Cinema Systems

Digital cinema system, which supports modern technologies like sophisticated cinema projection port, is fast replacing a number of existing movie projection technologies, one of them being the IMAX. These systems are mostly used in mainstream movies and museums.

Cinema Projection Technologies

The moniker ‘IMAX Experience’ used to have a strong influence on the audience. But the newly introduced Digital cinema system has proven to be more powerful and exciting than the IMAX experience on account of its better visual clarity, crystal clear audio, etc. Of late, several mainstream theaters are observed to be moving from IMAX to digital projection system or improving their existing IMAX systems with digital projection tools.

Cinema Projection Technologies

Digital cinema projectors equipped with modern cinema projection port are capable of delivering perfect presentation. They have separate logos for both 2D presentations and 3D presentations. Digital cinema presentations do not suffer from flaws such as jumps and waves, sound dropouts, scratches, etc. Notwithstanding this, the theaters need to have supportive factors to ensure that the digital cinema presentations go smoothly. For this, they need to install modern equipments and appoint qualified staff to handle the presentations.

For instance, the quality of glass used in the digital projection cinema port affects the quality of visuals significantly. Good quality anti-reflective coated glass can reduce visual quality drawbacks to zero level. It is the responsibility of theater owners, sound engineers, and studio heads to ensure that they use branded AR coated glass for their projection ports. OptiClear, the top manufacturer of AR coated glass for cinema projection port has been a familiar name in digital cinema projection industry and is certainly recommended choice to associate with.

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