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Port Window Glass for recording studios and movie theaters.

Howard Jacobson / September 19, 2018 / Industry News

Port Window Glass

Port Window Glass

Port window glass is used in movie theaters to enhance visual and acoustic effect of the movies. Therefore, the port glass needs to meet certain standards. If the port window glass and frame used are of cheap quality, it will essentially affect the result. The audience will not feel excited. For this very reason, people involved in the movie projection industry spend a huge amount of time researching about port window glass and installing advanced acoustical windows.

What are the parameters for choosing port window glass for theater and recording studios?

You must do serious research before installing port glass for movie theaters and recording studios. According to experts, the port window glass designed to be used in recording studios and movie theater need to have the below specialties.

Welded steel construction

Port window glass that are intended to be used in movie theaters need to have welded steel construction. According to experts, 14 Gal welded steel construction is ideal for accelerating the acoustic and visual effects.

Matte black coat finish

The type of coating used in the port window glass can essentially influence result. Many of the recent experiments by experts in the movie industry indicate that port window glass with both low glare powder coating and matte black finish offers stunning effects.

Hinged Window Frame

Port Window Frame

When choosing a port window glass for projection use, it is necessary that you choose a glass that comes with hinged frame. The glass with hinged frame facilitates quick cleaning, and enables you to do frequent testing for identifying the sound clarity and effects.

Various glass options for port windows

Today, different types of glass are used for port windows. Before choosing a specific type of glass, you should try to understand what effects the intended glass can ensure. Some of the common glass for port windows include optical white glass, double optically coated highly performance glass, and standard plate glass. The price of the glass varies substantially.

Choosing the right type of port glass for projection windows can be a tricky task for newcomers in the industry. If you have any doubts regarding the same, contact our experts and figure out which is the right type of port glass for your purpose.

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