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The selection criteria of Port Windows for camera lenses.

Yakov Jacobson / October 4, 2018 / Industry News

Port Window Glass

Port Window Glass

Port windows are used in the contexts of movie projection and cameras. The nature, size, and quality of a port window is determined by the context in which it is supposed to be used, for instance interchangeable lens ports are required for underwater SLR housings. Interchangeable ports are required for compact camera housings as well. Users who need to use these ports should choose an appropriate lens and port combination to ensure that the optical system used would fulfill the actual requirements and expectations.

How Do Manufactures Of Port Window Glass Meet Customer Expectations?

The manufacturers of ports offer a variety of them, such as flat ports, extension rings, port with additional controls, dome ports, mechanical linkages, etc. The ports need to be chosen after deciding upon the lens, which in turn is determined by the actual requirement and purpose.

How To Select The Correct Lens

Choosing the right type of lens is as important as choosing the port window. A good example to see how lens vary in different situations is to look at the various scenarios of using the lens. For instance, in the context of underwater photography, the picture quality is determined by the range in which the photo is taken. In short ranges, the photo will render superior quality, whereas the same will render poor quality in long ranges. For taking photographs from long ranges, you must use wide-angle lens and ports. One the same note, close focusing macro lenses are used for better results in close range shots.

Use Of Ports For Lenses

Port Window Frame

Port Window Frame

Depending upon the type of lens used, the port that needs to be used is differed. Flat ports are an essential requirement for macro lenses. Flat ports can also be used for lenses that need long focal length lenses.

Hemisphere Dome Port

Hemisphere dome port is rarely used in today’s contexts. However, they are said to be effective for long focal length. This type of port window will yield better result when long focal range is highly needed and that the image has to be focused from a comparatively wide angle.

The port windows do not have anti reflection coating by default. The coatings are customized as per the requirements. Experts think that the ports with coatings help perfect the quality of the images because the cameras do not have the ability to filter out reflection in all situations.

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