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Digital cinema projection vs. conventional film projection.

Digital Cinema Projection Technology

Digital Cinema Projection Technology

The digital revolution has influenced every industry. The influence it has got on cinema projection is of paramount importance. There is a wide list of things, equipments, and technologies that need to be mentioned when talked about digital cinema projection. Let us emphasize here on digital cinema projection glass.

What is digital cinema projection glass?

In simple terms, a projection glass in the context of digital cinema refers to the optical devices used in order to project the motion pictures. There have been tremendous improvements in this over the years. The lively clarity of motion picture we get to see on the screen in big cinemas is due to the perfection of the projection glasses being used.

Digital cinema projection vs. conventional film projection

In the context of digital cinema projection, the motion picture is aired with the help of digital projectors that use advanced optical glasses whereas in conventional film projection, old-fashioned films and film projectors are used. Obviously, when movies are projected using digital projectors, the visual clarity will be excellent.

The resolution of the video taken projected through a digital projector is determined by the horizontal pixel count as against frame rates, high definition video standards, aspect ratio, or high definition television in conventional projection scenarios.

Digital Cinema Projection Solutions

Digital cinema projectors

There are quite a number of components in digital cinema projectors. However, the most significant part is the projection glass. Projectors that are equipped with advanced digital cinema projection glass will have more clarity for video because they produce high-resolution videos through increased horizontal pixel count.

Top manufactures of digital cinema projectors

Today, multiple manufactures make digital cinema projectors. However, only four manufactures have made it to the level of getting approval from DCI

(Digital Cinema Initiatives). They are Christie, NEC, Sony, and Barco. In this group, only Sony has its own digital light processing technology called SXRD technology. The rest of them use the digital light processing technology developed by Texas instruments (TI).

Well, that is all about digital cinema projection. As said, the quality of digital cinema projection glass has a significant effect on the projectors and the digital light processing output. So choose yours wisely.

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