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How a port window frame affects theater projection.

Port Window Glass

Modern movie theaters are advanced. They use sophisticated technologies wherever it is possible in order to make the visual effects more convincing for the audience. One of the ways through which they attain the goal of improving the digital visual effect is through the use of modern port window frame and glass.

Projection port window frame

Whether you are a theater owner or a moviegoer, it might be of your interest to know what port window frame and port window glasses are. Both port window glass and frame are used in the contexts of theater projection. If you have got a highly sophisticated home theater system at home, you may have seen it already or know how it is related to the projection mechanism. However, the modern port window glass and frames used in big cinemas are not the same that we use in home theater projection systems.

There are multiple types of projectors, say desktop model, home theater model, slide model, overhead model, etc. There are significant differences between the projectors used for theater purpose and data purpose. Large port window glasses and frames are used in the projectors designed for theater purpose, whereas the glass used for data purpose is of basic type. The key difference is that the data projectors use VGA input whereas theater projectors use HDMI connectors. This explains why sophisticated port window frame are used in theater projectors.

Type of theater projectors

Cinema port projector

Theater Port Window

Technology has brought about a number of changes or developments with regard to theater projection system. In the past, CRT projectors were used for theatrical purpose. With the arrival of advanced DLP and LCD projectors, CRT projectors became insignificant. The reason for preferring DLP and LCD projectors to CRT projectors is that the former offers higher resolution and better picture quality, while the latter gives average output.

Studies indicate that the incorporation of modern port window frame and glass affects the quality and resolution of videos cast through LCD and DLP projectors. Interestingly, recent researches indicate that the quality of picture from CRT projectors can also be improved by way of incorporating high quality port window frame and glass.

That was all about theater projection glasses and frames. Get in touch with our experts to know in detail about the different types of glasses that you can use for your theater projection purposes.​

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